Top 5 Online Dating Tips for Single Gay Men

Published: 23rd October 2008
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Are you single Gay? Are you feeling lonely & worrying about being alone all life? Whether you are out to the world or discreet, every single person on the earth is looking for the love of their life. Right time has arrived with online dating. Especially discreet gay people can benefit a lot from online dating services. To find the right person in Gay world is little tough but possible thing. Online dating service has brought the world closer and helped hundreds of thousands of people finding their partner. Consider tips provided in this article as well as need to feel the internal intuitions.

Tip#1 Choosing Right Online Service
Online dating service provides ability to search person of your interest using options such as age, location, interest, income level, living situation, race, appearance and more. There are lot of online dating services available but you need to choose the right one considering quality of service including total numbers of registered members. Both should be balanced. Also, you need to check wither service has privacy trademark or not. By checking privacy trademark gives you trust that your information is safe. It will not be published or shared by service anywhere else. Especially for discreet people it is very important factor. If you are serious about dating & relationship then go for the paid service. Paid service will provide you more flexibility when it comes to the communication interest between you and person who interest you.

Tip# 2 Knowing the Person
Once you found the person of your interest and got connected through e-mails or chat, start taking baby steps. Never ever give out you phone number in first communication. Try to know more about the person. During chat try gathering as much information as you can and taste the water whether person on the other end is really looking for the relationship. Sometimes people are not sure but just curious about Gay life and gets into it. Once you know the stranger well, decide to talk on phone after few days of chat.

Tip#3 Do Not Share Private Information or Identity:
Do not share any kind of information which can be used against you by stranger. Keep certain things inside you until the end. Gay men are very emotional. Be ware, you have rest of your life to share, just keep patience. Try to know about the person through phone talk, communication will give you not whole lot but somewhat idea about the person.

Tip#4 Decide To Meet In Public:
After few days of talking on phone, if person interest you then decide to meet in public place and arrange for the date. Whether you are going to meet for a coffee or lunch or dinner, Please decide to meet in public place rather then going to stranger's place. Make sure to inform one of your best friends about your date including meeting place if possible. During date do not forget to know about sexual history about HIV & STD as it is very common in Gay culture.

Tip#5 Never End Up In Bed on First Date
No Way Jose! Never ever end up your first date in bed. This will end up in one night stand. Try to keep your date curious about you as long as you can. Being gay man you should know the characteristic of man. Every man has one thing in mind & once he gets you, will be less interest for him. Save this asset until you guys are really into each other.
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